The U.S. Business Centers team have a wealth of sector knowledge across India. We know the focus of your mission is to identify new clients and generate new revenue streams in India and identify reliable local suppliers. Our team are focused on ensuring you achieve your sales or supplier goals.

We not only help you identify sales opportunities and potential partners, but we will work with you to ensure continued success in developing and maintaining these relationships, looking out for your interests at all times.

Our services include:

  • Distributor search and proactive support in developing new channels
  • Deployment of full or part-time resources to support the local sales and marketing of your product/services
  • Ensuring smooth delivery of samples and initial orders
  • Assessing the true opportunity for you in India and providing a realistic view on price points required (including assessing all of the relevant taxes which will be built into your total cost)
  • Due diligence and quality assessment of local partners