Hiring the right people into any organization is key. Hiring the right people who are operating many thousand miles away, in a wholly different environment and often without any immediate colleagues or supervision can be a risk if you do not have the right people.

The U.S. Business Centers have an in-house hiring solutions team who have a strong track record of identifying and presenting strong candidates for our U.S. Clients.

Our services include:

  • Staff Recruitment

    • Providing salary benchmarking to ensure you do not overpay your local staff
    • ​Reviewing job specifications and providing advice on role designation, content etc.
    • Providing candidates with detailed briefings of your organization, the role(s) and your expectations
    • Undertaking local and national candidate searches
    • Managing the shortlisting process (all candidates are pre-interviewed, via phone/video & in person, specifically for your role)
    • Facilitating the entire interview process and guiding you on selection
    • Advising on producing appropriate salary/benefits packages to be offered and preferred start date
    • Providing assistance with salary negotiations
    • Liaising with selected candidates on the offer letter and employment agreement
  • Staff Appointments

    • Completion of reference / background / education qualification checks
    • Provision and advice on local employment contracts
    • Creation of employee handbooks
    • Develop local policies to adhere to local requirements and your company specific policies
    • Provide offer letters and employment agreements
    • Employee insurances – providing guidance on norms relating to employee insurances and, working with local brokers, facilitating insurances for your employees (medical, life, personal accident etc.)
    • Induction and on-boarding formalities of new employees


Labor laws in India are typically more stringent than in the U.S. It is therefore important you are on top of statutory requirements and compliances. Whether you are a new entrant to the market or already have personnel on the ground in India paying attention to HR matters is key.

Our services include:

  • HR Support & Advice

    • Employee administration (probation extension/ confirmation, promotions, increments etc.)
    • Leave management
    • Employee relations
    • Communication with employees (regarding performance excellence, new joiner, birthdays, facilitating regular staff forums etc.)
    • Guidance on managing under-performance and termination related matters
    • Employee exit management
    • Introduction of a performance management system
    • Annual salary benchmarking reviews as per national/industry trends
    • Management support regarding Discipline, Employee Grievance and Sexual Harassment issues
  • HR Audit – General & Statutory Compliance

    • Comprehensive audit of all your HR processes and employee documents
    • Risk mitigation- review of all applicable statutes from a labor law compliance perspective
    • Guidance on applicable labor laws and handling inspections from labor authorities
    • Guidance on contract staff related issues